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 We are administrating several thousand hectares for external clients and our group .


Our services

Year by year we are drafting APIA subsidy applications for many hectares for our clients and for us. All the companies are successfully enjoying the benefits of the APIA subsidy applications without penalties.

Since 2007 when UE subsidies were introduced in Romania, some of our employees started working on the APIA subsidy applications, learning along with the process, and together with APIA itself, how the applications should be made, the procedure requested and the documentation needed, using their vast experience in the drafting of our and our external clients subsidy applications.

We successfully applied in 2016 at the National Agency of Cadastre and Immobile Publicity for the authorization of executing Cadastral works.

We have all the necessary authorizations and devices for the registration of land in the Ground Book and Land and Mortgage Register, drafting cadastral plans, execute authorized measurements and surveying expert appraisals.


A. Land portfolio administration

I. Land acquisition procedures

  • checked_greenIdentifying land which is desirable for purchase;
  • checked_greenNegotiating and identifying the most attractive acquisition scenario;
  • checked_greenDrafting the recommendation in accordance with the agreed upon structure;
  • checked_greenPre-Due diligence analysis of the documents;
  • checked_greenDrafting documents for Law 17 procedure;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with institutions referring to Law 17 and collateral documents;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with external lawyers and accountants;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with notaries;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with intermediaries.


II. Performing a remedy process over the total land portfolio

  • checked_greenIdentifying and summarizing data regarding the real estate object of the due diligence process, developing an updated status based on documents provided by the beneficiary;
  • checked_greenContacting the cadaster and real estate publicity office, notary offices, local councils and courts;
  • checked_greenObtaining land registry excerpts information updated, as well as full land registry excerpt (CF-in extenso), cadastral documentation (copy of the decision of the relevant Cadaster and Real Estate Publicity Office regarding the registration of the beneficiary as owner, real estate layout plan and site plan, inventory coordinates);
  • checked_greenCollecting all documents of ownership by the customer (i.e. sale purchase agreement, exchange contract, donation contract, certificate of inheritance etc.), powers of attorney under which the trustees have signed the transfer on behalf of owners, sentence or decisions issued by courts;
  • checked_greenAcquiring certificates to prove the existence or non-existence of any dispute or claim requests under law 10/2001 on the legal status of real estate abusively taken over between March 6, 1945 – December 22, 1989, Law 18/1991, Law 247/2005 – Law on the reform of property and justice, as well as some additional measures and other laws relating to property – from the competent city council;
  • checked_greenFormulating a coherent analysis report based on updated documents which reflect the ongoing situation of the real estate;
  • checked_greenIdentifying remedies and coming up with solutions to help repair flaws in ownership and eliminating risks;
  • checked_greenStrong client communication, providing all information on the stage of performing its service;
  • checked_greenElaborating physical and electronic archives of each excerpt of the land registry in part;
  • checked_greenWhen conducting operations, the service provider offers the beneficiary the ability to access the Office 365 platform (using a format in Office 365) which allows tracking services running stage, documents obtained and providing real-time reports carried out in full transparency;

III. Management of existing land portfolio

1. Management of the lease in/out agreement

  • checked_greenSearching the best lessees/lessors;
  • checked_greenNegotiating;
  • checked_greenDrafting the recommendation in accordance with the agreed upon structure;
  • checked_greenDrafting agreements;
  • checked_greenRegistering to commune;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with accounting regarding lease fees, invoicing;
  • checked_greenIntroducing new land in the farming process;
  • checked_greenControlling payments.

2. Land declaration in communes

  • checked_greenLand taxes declaration;
  • checked_green Agricultural registry declarations.

B. Subsidy application

I. Land acquisition procedures

  • checked_greenIdentifying and proposing the most efficient policy in relation with the subsidies;
  • checked_greenFollowing changes in the current legislation;
  • checked_greenCaring about fulfilling the legislation requested conditions;
  • checked_greenIdentifying the best policy regarding the fulfillment of cross-compliance rules;
  • checked_greenDigitizing the plots in the APIA online system;

  • checked_greenOrganizing, creating and obtaining the needed documents for applications according to the legislation;
  • checked_greenControlling APIA cross-compliance rules in the farming process;
  • checked_greenKeeping the mandatory registers for chemicals spraying and nitrogen fertilizers;
  • checked_greenDrafting the documentation for fuel subsidy and assuring the support documents;

C. Surveying & cadastral works

  • checked_greenTaking measurements;
  • checked_greenDrafting specific cadastral documentation;
  • checked_greenRegistering in the land registry;
  • checked_greenCreating and updating maps of ownership, lease in/out land, farmed areas, types of crops etc.;
  • checked_greenIdentifying plots in the field;
  • checked_greenDrawing support maps for different purposes: recommendations, crop insurance, expertise, claims, offers identification, harvest reports, etc.;
  • checked_greenConstantly verifying the land conditions in the field.


D. Accounting, fiscal advising,
administration, and logistics department

I. Accounting

  • checked_greenConsulting and preparation of accounting policies;
  • checked_greenDrawing file transfer prices;
  • checked_greenFull accounting including filing tax returns and preparing financial statements. The accounting is done using the Microsoft Dynamics ERP program;
  • checked_greenAccounting for fixed assets and inventory items;
  • checked_greenIssuing invoices for services and deliveries of goods;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with institutions referring to Law 17 and collateral documents;
  • checked_greenCash register for cash payments;
  • checked_greenRepresentation in fiscal audits and preparation of documents and situations;
  • checked_greenCollaborating with auditors;
  • checked_greenAll kinds of stock take procedures and control.


II. Reports

  • checked_greenIssuing statements to the tax administration;
  • checked_greenIssuing environmental statements;
  • checked_greenIssuing statements to various state institutions
    (city halls, local councils, agricultural departments, etc.);
  • checked_greenIssuing reports to managers and shareholders;
  • checked_greenIssuing NBR reports;
  • checked_greenIssuing intrastat and statistical reports.

III. Administrative

  • checked_greenRepresenting the client at audits from various institutions and preparing documents and reports;
  • checked_greenDrawing up and updating budget and cash-flow;
  • checked_greenBanking (payments, currency exchange), bank information updates, cash payments;
  • checked_greenChecking local taxes and fees;
  • checked_greenTracking payments, including revenue;
  • checked_greenDrawing, checking and recording of contract with commercial partners;
  • checked_greenMaking purchases of goods and services;
  • checked_greenPreparing working procedures;
  • checked_greenHelping with employment contracts and salary records;
  • checked_greenSelling products and services to third parties and tracking and executing contracts;
  • checked_greenObtaining necessary authorizations for conducting specific activities;
  • checked_greenOrganizing and tracking the auto fleet (insurance, taxes, GPS checks);
  • checked_greenWaste management;
  • checked_greenCustody management;
  • checked_greenEnclosure insurance for tangible and intangible property, crops, civil liability and managers.


E. Agricultural services – services under development




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